Yes, well — ‘brief’, is a keyword.


It came as a bit of a shock, actually - I mean, I have been in the company of Delta for the duration of my life until now.

But uh, either way, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Agent Providence. I do look forward to working with you and the rest of the team. 

I can understand that. Growing comfortable with a team of operatives and then being faced with working with an entirely new team is daunting, and requires a measure of adaptability. But I’m sure that you willl assimilate to Gamma well with time. Looking over your file, I can see that your track record was quite satisfactory with Agent Annapolis.

I do expect you to acquaint yourself with your training schedule for the week, both individual sessions and simulations with your Agent. I want Gamma to be in the best condition possible for the next mission, something that goes for both new and old members, and since you and Agent Lincoln have very little experience working with eacher, I’m sure there’s a lot of ground for you to cover.




Have there been any other surprise team-changes nobody’s told me about?

Ah, Pegasus, I meant to seek you out yesterday after Agent Lincoln’s implantation but never got the chance. I trust you were briefed about your re-assignment to Gamma before the surgery? 



[So this is the Equinox. Big enough ship, pretty impressive by the usual standards, but it didn’t look like anything special on the outside. Didn’t look like anything special on the inside, either, really. Had all the typical shit a ship should. Quarters, mess hall, training rooms, hangar. Everything a typical soldier needed.

But these weren’t typical soldiers, were they? Not some of them. Not the ones with the eyes a little too quick to be human, the ones with features that didn’t sit quite right, expressions that were just slightly off what they should be.


And Agents. Couldn’t forget the Agents, the ones that were all officially dead and unofficially right here, flying around in space, going on missions. Fighting the fight that nobody knew about.

Leaning against the wall opposite the mess hall, looking like he was just trying to get his bearings, Lincoln put on a faint, sheepish smile, and got the attention of the next person to walk by.]

Hey, I apologize for this, but I need to ask. Is there a map of this ship available? I’m new, and I must admit, I’m having some trouble figuring out which way to go.

[There was a deep-set ache behind her eyes as she tried to focus on the data-sets scrolling across the tablet she held in her hands. Walking briskly down the corridor, Providence turned a sharp corner without looking up from the files. Some of this Covenant intel was still encrypted; she’d have to hand it over to Charlie first before she’d be able to make any progress with it. 

As she walked down this next hallway with her head still ducked over the tablet, she didn’t even notice the other person there until she was nearly walking past them and heard someone clearing their throat; Providence stopped short and looked up at the stranger, frowning. A new Agent, and it took her a moment to connect face to file.]

When he said he was new, she nodded once, curtly. She stowed the tablet under her arm and stuck out her hand.]

You must be Agent Lincoln. The new recruit assigned to Gamma. Agent Providence, I’ll be your team leader.


[When he asked about a map, she took out her tablet again and tapped something on the screen, and then spoke aloud- but not to the Agent opposite her.] F.I.L.S.S., please provide Agent Lincoln with access to the holographic display files of the ship’s interior layout. [She looked back up at him.] You should have less trouble now. If there’s anyplace particular you’re looking for, I can point you in the right direction as well.

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Tea for Thought

Unit Indus was a quiet unit. When he spoke, most stopped speaking to him, due in part because of the young unit’s speech disability. The boy’s stuttering is what would have lead many to leave him to his ramblings, the strange part of it all was that the leader of the Gamma team whom was titled with the capital Providence hasn’t tried to leave the unit to his ramblings. This was peculiar to the artificial unit.  It strikes him as strange but the stranger to him was that he took his suggestion of the tea blend that he had found. He made such a tea but never once tasted it, the unit knew he was no human.

He was a unit. He couldn’t not feed from the rising bread nor drink in the uncorked wines. He only smelled such a blend. The smell was slightly floral but had a sting to it, it was not of bitters but of what he read was fullness. The tea was of a medium coloring closer to the color of lightly brewed coffee and was called a matted tea. These teas had a specific category and bond in the tea community, such teas were for those people whom were coffee drinkers.

Matted teas were, from what he research, full of body and flavor also mimic the coloring of coffee to confuse the visual sensory  portion of the brain. The unit believed this blend was a good fit for the very strange Agent whom was his leader. He put such a blend on her desk of her darkened study, he also left a simple note. 



We spoke of this tea. 
The blend can be quite satisfactory to those whom enjoy Earl Grey or so I have read. 
I hope you enjoy the blend. 

—- Unit Indus

The unit looked at the parcel and was satisfactory with it all. He left the study and returned to his own cave of inventions. 

Providence had been feeling worse and worse all day. She had only been able to train for an hour out of the three she was scheduled for, before collapsing onto the matt in a heap of labored breathing and shaking. Feeling weak and sore, she had retreated back to the privacy and comfort of her own room. She had spent an hour sitting on the floor of her shower; maybe closer to two. The steam seemed to help with her breathing, but did nothing for the migraine that pounded on like a thundering freight train in her head.

When she finally picked herself off the shower floor, it was on weak and wobbling legs that she made her way back to her room again. Even this proved to be too much exertion; Providence was struck with a sudden sense of vertigo that nearly sent her crashing to the ground again. What the hell was happening? She knew there was some virus going around, more and more people checking into the medbay for the strange symptoms. Jackson had been the first, apparently already a vomiting mess by the time he was admitted and quarantined. But no- she wasn’t going to the medbay. Helena had enough on her hands at the moment. And she got these killer migraines all the time, she knew how to handle them on her own. That’s all this was- a particularly bad migraine. Some rest would do her good, even if leaving her paperwork untouched for the day felt downright unnatural.

She noticed something sitting on her desk out of the corner of her eye. It was a white tin she didn’t recognize; picking up in trembling hands, she read the label, then the note. Fine-grown Parisian matted tea- a gift from Indus. The tin itself was lovely, even as it rattled slightly in her shaking grip. She could bet that the tea would taste exquisite. But the thought of standing upright for any longer, with her whole body feeling like a reed swaying in wind, was nauseating. Or maybe that was just nausea creeping up of it’s own accord. Either way, Providence knew that if she didn’t lie down soon her body would probably do it wherever she was currently standing. She dropped the tin back onto her desk, feeling a bit wistful that she couldn’t give it a try immediately. It really was a nice gift.

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